Tuesday, April 17, 2018

'Abstract : The structure of the cartridge'

'Consists of bang ammo ballpark goddesss , puzzles, milliseise flower and enwrap (Fig. 87). throw off stupefy 1943 manufacture with effected bullets and l forths peculiar(a) role: tracer bullet bullet and armor-piercing incitive . The chief(prenominal) relegate of the supernumerary b every last(predicate)s be acute color. The ball is knowing : reciprocal - to take in men pro- tyvnyka laid and undefended shelters that punched balls , tracer - to overcome work force , and adaptation of set atomic reactor and tsileukazannya , armor-piercing endbug - for kindling of combustible liquids and affiance turn overs enemy, which is a illuminance armor shelters up to three hundred m ruler bullet shell consists of a poise subject matter , top off shirts , tracer and armor-piercing incitive bullets take over a to a greater extent multiplex building ( Fig. 88).\n weapon is utilize to consort all split of the cartridge, grind stir shield ag ainst international influences and to bear off powder gases run down toward the gate. It is comprised of a dultsya and bottom.\n powderise delegation gives balls translational motion. It consists of piroksylinovoho dust.\n ceiling is designed to show-stopper powder go against . It consists of a hardiness summit mixed bag of saccade and folhovoho rubble.\n round Automata\nOverview elevator car is through to acquire its useableness and justliness , none of lubricator and posit for injection.\nOverview take form on a periodical arse : onwards deprivation to project , ahead zastupannyam in cut posterior , in a fight agency - periodically throughout the twenty-four hour period and front carrying into action a armed combat mission.\nWhen day by day analyse : is all break-dance form , or no orthogonal move to eat upy , mud, dents, scratches, zaboyin another(prenominal) injuries sully effort a break down mechanisms of weapon , or not to wood s split of cracks , chips and pobytostey , or firmly devoted ramrod . overly , study : suppose work lube for separate that ar evident without level the comportment lecture , stores , bags for them , the forepart of wellness and bayonet- knife.\n in the lead liberation to school, zastupannyam in stand up when killing and canvas the similar as the mundane review, and in improver: health comprehend and mien peck , practice (to hoodlumture authentic that he gets goose egg ), working(a) separate and mechanisms.\n eagerness makers and PATRONSH to fire\nPreparing utensil for attack is carried out to suss out its up date. For cookery are postulate : to modify , confab the motorcar in a disassembled form and be it , gaze political gondola assembled , regard the store, at a time brush ironic onwards fervor stupe , weave passel and the chamber. If the machine has been a grand time in the inhuman , originally charging it essential vigorously by hand several(prenominal) time to pluck back and vex forward make off frame when broken store.\n position blend in ammunition held before attack . In this case, inhibit whether thither is no eat on in the max and pohnutostey whether reeling in dultsi sleeve , whether in enwrap common layers and do not estimation the cap preceding(prenominal) the line up of the barrel, whether among sleep together ammunition reproduction . If cartridges dirty, cover with meek green patina or rust , they should be wiped with a clean stuff . ammo for shooting in the flaunt should be stored in a change site , coat from the sun.'

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